Paper Bubble Sheets: Bubble Sheets are used when automatic collection of people’s responses to multiple choice questions is needed to save time and get fast standardized data from tests, quizzes assessments and surveys etc. OMR software is computer software which can be used by anyone to automatically collect people’s filled in responses from bubble sheets and store the data on a computer. Paper bubble sheets can be quickly printed on any standard printer and scanned into OMR software to collect fast standardized data from multiple choice question responses. Multiple choice questions are commonly used for tests, quizzes assessments and surveys etc. which are most often used by Education, Market Research, Healthcare and Medical Organizations.

Bubble Sheet Software: is computer software which can be used by anyone with a computer, a printer and a scanner. Automatic collection of the responses made on bubble sheets saves time and money for organizations who rely on day to day collection of standardized data to improve business productivity and education standards.

Easily create your own bubble sheet template and print your own bubble sheet forms: FormReturn OMR software has a free to download trial with a built in editor for designing bubble sheets. The bubble sheets can be designed as simply or as detailed as you want. The OMR bubble sheets designed in FormReturn OMR software will immediately be recognized by the software’s OMR processor which will automatically detect and capture people’s filled in responses.

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Bubble Sheet Software is Optical Mark Recognition software which recognizes and reads bubble sheet forms to convert the respondents filled in answers into spreadsheet data. Collection of feedback data from multiple choice questions, is used for many purposes in many industries and organizations. Read More ».

Education: Fast collection of test and exam results means teachers will have time to test large numbers of students more often. Using OMR Bubble sheets software means not only printing your own paper bubble sheets, but also gives the ability to quickly scan and automatically mark standardized bubble sheet tests and assessments. Read More»:

Market Research: Create and print your own bubble sheet Survey forms and then use OMR Software to Scan and automatically collect the survey responses for immediate feedback from surveys. Read More »:

Healthcare: Get fast Patient Assessment feedback data and Patient survey feedback data by printing and scanning your own bubble sheet, multiple choice assessment and survey forms that can be processed automatically on your computer. Saves time and money and can help you improve the standard of patient care. Read More »:

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Scan and automatically process Bubble Sheet Questions: People’s filled in responses on paper bubble sheets is automatically captured withOMR software , stored on your computer and can be printed to a spreadsheet.

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Free Sample - View or download free printable bubble sheets that can be recognized and automatically processed with FormReturn OMR Software.

FormReturn OMR:  OMR Bubble-Sheet Software for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux - get a free 30 day trial


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Education Bubble Sheet Software -  Print and Scan Bubble sheet forms for fast, automatic Results from Tests and Surveys.

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FormReturn OMR Bubble Sheet Software - automatically reads the filled in answers on scanned bubble sheets and converts the detected marks into computer data. FormReturn is streamlined Optical Mark Recognition Software which fully integrates the designing of OMR forms with the OMR processor for capturing the maked in bubbles. FormReturn uses 4 working components to complete this process.

1. An OMR, bubble sheet form designer, to design and print your own OMR forms which will automatically integrate with the software.
2. A data base for storing respondent's records and to be used by the software for reconciling captured data with the respondent's name.
3. An OMR form processor which detects and automatically captures the hand filled responses made in checkboxes.
4. Storage of the Captured data with an export option to transfer the data to an external spreadsheet for managing reports or printing.

FormReturn OMR Software is priced to suit small businesses as well as larger organizations who rely on the automatic collection of data for every day operation. Many of FormReturn's users are University departments who want to do their own test, assessment or survey marking and processing as well as Medical Colleges and Medical Research companies; Hospitals for patient surveys; Community Colleges; Training Colleges and Public Schools.

FormReturn has a checkbox tool for easily and neatly designing bubble sheets, a barcode tool to easily add a Form ID Barcode which is used on each bubble sheet page to automate the regognition of each page by the software and to automate the process of linking multiple form pages with the stored captured responses data. The captured data from multiple page forms will be stored as one record and optionally with the form respondent's data table record. Forms can have identification components added so you know who each form belongs to, or they can be made
anonymous, but they will still all link to a data table you have created and selected from FormReturn's database called Source data. In the case of anonymous forms, such as in a survey, Source data may or may not
contain respondent's records but the captured data will link to a dummy record so it can be stored in the database.

This whole process eliminates time consuming data entry and the occurrence of inaccurate data entry when it come to the collection of hand marked data.