Scanning OMR Paper Bubble Sheets

A Document (ADF) Scanner with a paper feed tray is a reasonably priced scanner that will make sure the OMR bubble sheet pages are quickly scanned, creating a smooth transition to fast, accurately captured, bubble sheet data.

Good clear images of the scanned Bubble Sheets are required by Optical Mark Recognition so the barcodes and hand made marks in checkboxes will be detected accurately.

Bubblesheet scanning software will work with any image scanning device that produces reasonable images, such as an ADF scanner, a flatbed scanner, photocopier, hand scanner or even a mobile phone. However, photocopiers can be problematic.

No need for a large, high end or expensive OMR scanning machine to get your bubble sheet grading done automatically. Modern scanners produce a crisp enough image for OMR to detect the checkbox bubbles and you can also print the forms on plain paper.

An automatic paper feeding tray is preferable for fast scanning of large quantities of bubble sheets.

A scanner that can handle the number of sheets that will be placed in the automatic paper feeding tray will ensure double page feeding doesn’t occur.

OMR bubble sheet scanning

Image: A document image scanner with an automatic paper feeding tray hooked up to a laptop computer is all that is needed for automatic scanning and and grading of large quantities of OMR bubble sheets efficiently

Choosing a Bubble Sheet Scanner.

If your bubble sheet grading software has TWAIN support, get a TWAIN compliant scanner. This technology instantly integrates with OMR Software for one click scanning within the program producing correctly scanned images for the software.

The Scanning speed is measured in pages per minute – consider how many pages you will be be scanning each day when choosing your scanner.

Scanners are all different and OMR software will have a required format for the images files it can read, such as TIF, GIF, PNG or PDF. Some scanners may not save images in the required format or may be difficult to set up to save in the required format.

A reliable Scanner can be rented from a scanner rental company or purchased from and IT equipment reseller such as Amazon or Best Buy.

Bubble Sheet Flat Bed Image Scanner

Image: A Flatbed image scanner can be used with bubble sheet grading, when only a few bubble sheets are being scanned

How to Scan and Save OMR Bubble Sheets

The bubble sheets must be scanned at a high enough resolution to produce sharp and clear images of the bubble sheets. The checkboxes and barcodes should be clear without speckles.

Scan the pages at a resolution of between 300 – 400 DPI for optimal results.

Bubble sheet scans are NOT photos and must be saved as image files, either PNG or TIF files on your computer.

For automatic grading when bubble answer sheets are scanned, OMR bubble sheet grading software can be set up to locate and upload the image files as they come into a selected folder on your computer.

Free Sample OMR Bubble Sheet Templates - View or download free printable bubble sheets that can be recognized and automatically processed with FormReturn OMR Software.

Free 30 day Trial FormReturn OMR Bubble Sheet Software  OMR Bubble-Sheet Software for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux


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Education Bubble Sheet Software -  Print and Scan Bubble sheet forms for fast, automatic Results from Tests and Surveys.

Finally, there’s a way to simplify data collection from paper-based, bubble sheet tests and exams


Forget about the stress of having to grade exams and tests manually. With OMR software and a scanner, you’ll have the ability to automatically grade all of your multiple-choice bubble sheet forms. Not only does this shorten your potential workload from days to mere hours, but you’ll be able to be more accurate as well.

Market Research Bubble Sheet Surveys

Immediately get the information you need from surveys without any effort. Create, Print and Scan your bubble sheet Survey forms all in the one program. Bubble sheet Software will read, capture and store the detected data from the filled in checkboxes. The captured data can be exported to a spreadsheet or your own management software for immediate feedback from multiple choice paper surveys.

Healthcare Bubble Sheet Patient Assessments and Surveys

Create, Print and Scan Patient Assessments and Surveys then Export the response data to your own management software. Custom Paper Patient Questionnaires used for Patient Assessments and Surveys in Hospitals, can make sure patients get excellent care by collecting fast accurate Patient data. Paper Bubble sheet forms are easily printed from a computer and the responses to questions are easily filled into oval shaped bubbles by patients. When the bubble forms are returned by the patients they are scanned and the data is processed and exported.

Conference Evaluations

Immediately see how your conference went, create and Print your own custom Bubble Sheet conference evaluation forms. The bubble sheets you create can contain question text on the same page as the checkbox bubbles, making it easy for respondents to fill out and return. The returned paper bubble sheet evaluation forms can be scanned using and ordinary document scanner giving you immediate conference evaluation data exported to your computer with OMR software.

Customer Satisfaction Research

Create and Print you own Paper Bubble Sheet cust0mer satisfaction survey forms for research. Print from your computer and scan the forms when they are returned by the respondents. Optical mark recognition software on your computer can automatically read and export respondent's data to a spreadsheet or your own management software.

Scanning bubble sheets and using OMR to capture them, eliminates the possibility of inaccurate and time consuming data entry. OMR reads and captures the marks from filled in checkbox bubbles on scanned bubble sheets and converts the detected marks into readable data on your computer. FormReturn is streamlined Optical Mark Recognition Software which fully integrates the OMR forms with the OMR processor. FormReturn OMR Software is priced to suit small businesses as well as larger organizations who rely on the automatic collection of data every day. Bubble sheet checkbox response forms have many uses such as, tests, assessments, ballot forms, checklists, quality control sheets, market research surveys and patient assessments and surveys.   Many of FormReturn's customers are University departments, Medical Colleges, Medical Research companies, Hospitals, Community Colleges; Training Colleges and Public Schools who want to collect the data from their checkbox forms, tests and assessments more quickly than sending them away for marking.   FormReturn has its own bubble form design editor, just click and add the checkbox bubbles, Click and add a Barcode to each page to make it unique and to automate the process of linking multiple form pages with the stored captured data.

FormReturn OMR Software

  • Create your own custom bubble sheet templates which will automatically integrate with FormReturn OMR Software.
  • Create your data table where respondent's records can be stored and retrieved by the software for identification of forms.
  • Scan bubble sheets and watch as people's filled in responses are captured and stored as readable computer data.
  • Captured data is stored in the software and easily exported as captured checkbox values (A,B,C,D,E), scores and scanned bubble sheet images for each processed form.

Try FormReturn's free trial download now and start creating and automatically grading your own bubble sheet tests and exams. FormReturn is packed with features for flexible bubble sheet form design and the way data is captured and exported.